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The importance of the Kampung lifestyle to Singapore

Climate change, global warming, sustainability, environmental degradation – words that have become hipster-like and are becoming increasing prominent in today’s society. Fortunately, most countries have recognized these issues and are acting immediately to tackle these issues. A global effort is being made and Singapore is also at the forefront of it.

The branch of social entrepreneurship focused on sustainability and environmental advocacy is becoming more prominent in Singapore and South-East Asia. Eco-friendly and green solutions to combat the rising ride of pollution and deforestation are being implemented increasingly.

However, in addition to concerted efforts by corporations and public institutions, it is also vital that the citizens of Singapore, especially the youth, take a leading role in this transformation. The youth, who are the citizens of tomorrow, need to be aware of the importance of going green. At the forefront of the green revolution is the kampung concept.

We all love the lifestyle of kampungs, as we are no strangers to it. Less than three decades back, Singapore had a thriving kampung infrastructure and community. The lifestyle and setup promotes sustainability and the green movement. When we think of kampungs we think of a peaceful society without the hindrance of diesel engines and pollution, where we cultivate natural food and life a simpler community-focused life.

Despite rampant modernization, Singapore has not changed that much when it comes to its core values focused on the kampung lifestyle. Unlike most developed and first-world nations, our lives still revolve around our community. We help our fellow citizens and form close relationships with them. We don’t alienate ourselves despite the prevalence of technology, to an extent.

It is on this note that we introduce to you Tay Lai Hock. Hock is one of Singapore’s leading young eco-advocates. He has famously promoted a revival of the kampung lifestyle and a return to basics. He founded the Ground-Up initiative to support and execute this mission. He has started a Kampung Kampus project that will feature a site with camping facilities and green solutions prototyping.

We are Singapore spoke exclusively to Hock on how we can empower our community to follow in his footsteps. He seems confident that there will be more like him who will ensure that despite the growth of modernization, smart cities and tech, our roots and values will still be focused on the kampung spirit.

We will organize at some point a live event or a podcast where we will find out more information about Hock’s mission and projects planned. As a social advocate for the nation, wearesg hopes that people like Hock will receive active support from the government to realize his dreams for our nation.