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Photography’s impact on society, culture and journalism

Photos are a great means to tell a story. They can provide information, tell stories, inspire people and bring to light the truth. Photography has become a dignified and recognized profession today. More and more people are taking up this creative and artistic means of profession today. It is a display of culture.

Perhaps the biggest value of photos today is to bring global events and atrocities to light. There are brave journalists who have travelled through the ravages of Afghanistan, Syria and Somalia, taking powerful photos and sharing them with the rest of the world. It has a big social impact.

1 - Photography’s impact on society, culture and journalism

It is for a reason that Instagram has become the most powerful social media platform today. There are instagrammers that make hundreds of thousands of dollars annually through their travel photography, freelance journalism, fashion promos and brand advertising.

Singapore has produced some great photographers like John Clang, Leslie Kee and Russel Wong. One of the emerging stars in this domain is Tay Kay Chin. Chin, who was brought up in Singapore, focusses on photojournalism, the effect of which we just mentioned in this post. He is perhaps most well-known for his exhibit, Panoramic Singapore. Panoramic Singapore is a collection of candid works that showcase the culture and beauty of Singapore and its day-to-day aspects.

2 - Photography’s impact on society, culture and journalism

Wearesg is an advocate of photojournalism and its impact on wider society. In this regard, we will organize a free exhibition of some of Chin’s recent projects. The artist himself will be present at the event and hold talks on photography as a profession and its impact. As a self-styled entrepreneur, he will also provide real-life mentoring to budding artistic entrepreneurs.

The event will be held at the Singapore Art museum at Bras Basah on the 25th of July from 2 pm onwards. Whilst entry is free, we can host only 120 people and you have to reserve your spot at our website as soon as possible. We hope to see as many of you as possible there!