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Why reading books remains essential to education

Education is the fundamental pillar of any economy. And we doubt anyone would oppose that statement. Singapore is known for its brilliant educational system and institutions. We have one of the most challenging and comprehensive secondary and high school education structure.

There is, however, a worrying trend in this domain. And this concerns books. It is quite well-known in our nation that the penetration of technology in education here is among the highest in the developed world. Tablets and smartphones have aided the accessibility of education, but it may have an unintended cost. And that is the increasing irrelevance of books.

There is a connection between reading books and being literate. While online reading is also beneficial, we prefer quick reading in a span of 5-10 minutes when we are online. The reason for this is that there are millions of distractions in the digital world, and our minds are unable to focus on one thing. This is the reason why books are still important to children and adults alike.

In view of this philosophy and need, we are organizing an event in collaboration with one of Singapore’s popular entrepreneurs, Kenny Leck. Younger Singaporeans would be familiar with Leck and his company, BooksActually. Some of you may have chanced upon their store at Yong Siak street. BooksActually has become a popular online retailer of fiction and literature themed books.

BooksActually will be displaying more than 100 books spread across literature, fiction, science, art and design at our event which will be held in front of Northpoint shopping mall at Yishun on the 31st of June starting 10 am. These books will be sold for as little as $10, with a broader intent of making education accessible. Kenny himself will be having panel talks and Q&A sessions with aspiring entrepreneurs, where he will talk about his success story.

Drop by for the event and check out the works in exhibit. We promise that you will have a fun-filled and educative day!

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