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4 trends that will shape the future of the music industry

I guess we do love music. We wrote a post earlier on the Singaporean music scene ( and here we have decided to focus more on future trends that are sweeping the industry. These trend are something that aspiring Singaporean musicians should take note of.

To give some context about the industry, music has seen so many shifts. From the emergence of Rock n Roll, blues and jazz to techno, teen pop and hip-hop, musical tastes have always changed. Till the 90s, songs used to always be part of albums. You didn’t get one without the other. That disappeared with the emergence of streaming and the unpopularity of albums.

We just need to look at this history of music to know that it is never certain. It is influenced by too many factors. The rise of activism and the occurrence of wars led to the emergence and popularity of funk and grunge genres. It was less the music, more the political and social circumstances that led to its widespread popularity. So what are today’s circumstances that can shape music in the near future?

Brands and artists

Recently, our own Joel Tan, aka Gentle Bones, was signed up by Universal! Mind-blowing! He is the first Singaporean to have been signed up by a prestigious studio such as Universal. Today he is being compared to Ed Sheeran. Why is this relevant to this post? It is because today’s artists are increasingly intertwined with brands and production agencies. Once cannot survive without the other.

Rise of Virtual reality

Virtual Reality (VR) and its application in music is picking up pace. In the near future, we should be able to watch our favorite concerts and artists for cheap or perhaps even free. Costs of production for concerts will decrease, meaning ticket prices will fall.

The rise of musicals

Musicals and Broadway have been hit and miss for the most of it. There have been good ones such as Hamilton and Les Misérables. They have started a reemergence of musicals, with younger crowds increasingly flocking to them.

Activism and its effects

Politics shaped music immensely from the 60s to the 90s. The Vietnam War and its damages was the inspiration behind John Lennon’s masterpiece Imagine. With political uncertainty returning and global issues becoming more of a concern, activism will influence music again. Music will again become a means to rebel against the institutions.

So Singaporeans! Take note of these trends that will shape music in the near future. If you aspire to be a musician, use these trend to your benefit.