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s1 - ContributeAs we don’t enjoy the privilege of a institutionally funded organization entirely and depend mostly on the efforts of our board and volunteers, we are always on the lookout for volunteers to help us plan, organize and market our events. Volunteers may also, from time to time, write content for our website and blog.

We have a group of 100+ volunteers and we don’t expect each volunteer to spend a lot of time with us. At the most, you will have to spend 3 hours a week assisting with the assignment that you will be provided. That is definitely not too much of an ask.

While we cannot compensate volunteers in direct monetary terms, there are many benefits that we offer. We organize events related to education, employment, trade and culture, and have an extensive network of contacts. You’re able to network directly with our contacts in corporates and governments.We also provide certain perks and benefits such as NTUC vouchers, gym membership discounts and Singtel vouchers. Our relationship with major Singaporean companies enable us to provide such benefits to our volunteers.

So what kind of volunteers do we look for? We want enthusiastic, inspired and accountable people to join our team. The events that we undertake have a huge bearing on the citizens and local businesses of Singapore. Volunteers need to understand the significance of the organization.

More than everything, we want Singaporeans who are proud of the nation regardless of their differences in opinions or political views. At the end of the day, we don’t have any political affiliations and we just want to put forward an image of Singapore that makes all of us proud.