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We welcome all advertisers to approach us. If you refer back to our about page where we talk about our mission, you will notice that education, local business growth and employment are very much at the top of our agenda. Our track record has shown that as well.

We organize events focused on various key pillar of the modern economy of Singapore – Food, culture, music, ecommerce, technology, education and SMEs. These events contain various elements such as exhibitions, talks, music etc. Advertisers have a great opportunity to showcase their products and services at such events.

If you are a newly formed SME or a startup, we offer you free advertising. We view small companies and local startups as a means to boost the economy and employment scenario here. We are also aware that such companies have limited to no marketing budget. This is the logic behind offering this for free to such companies.

The criteria for advertisers is plain and simple, that you are a legally incorporated entity in Singapore. If you’re a startup yet to be incorporated, we have a condition that at least 51% or more of the shares are assigned to Singaporeans or Permanent residents. If you are a company with a social purpose, we definitely want to talk to you.

Beyond events that give you a platform to advertise your products, we also have a well-structured and informative blog that has a readership of more than 80,000 people in Singapore and roughly 12,000 overseas Singaporeans. Content marketing is essential for most companies and this provides another means to reach your product or service to a wider audience.