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4 trends that will shape the future of the music industry

I guess we do love music. We wrote a post earlier on the Singaporean music scene ( and here we have decided to focus more on future trends that are sweeping the industry. These trend are something that aspiring Singaporean musicians should take note of. To give some context about the

Ng Yi-Sheng and Singapore’s budding literature and poetry scene

Over the years, we have seen great and acclaimed writers and literary geniuses such as Shakespeare, Dickens, Hemingway and Twain grace our world. These writers have produced masterpieces which are still regarded as works of art. Their works are still part of literature syllabi in schools. Singapore is not a nation

The challenges of urbanization faced by tomorrow’s cities

Urbanization is a challenge as well as an opportunity to cities around the world today. As the trend of smart cities becomes more mainstream, city councils and local governments should also be aware of balancing the pace and adoption of urbanization. This is a challenge especially in developing and densely

The importance of the Kampung lifestyle to Singapore

Climate change, global warming, sustainability, environmental degradation – words that have become hipster-like and are becoming increasing prominent in today’s society. Fortunately, most countries have recognized these issues and are acting immediately to tackle these issues. A global effort is being made and Singapore is also at the forefront of

5 startups leading the social impact cause in Singapore

Social impact is something that is talked about a lot. Companies like to promote themselves as fighting the common cause and achieving social goals. While a lot of these are misplaced, there are great institutions, communities and companies that have achieved a lot in the domain of social impact. Words that

Photography’s impact on society, culture and journalism

Photos are a great means to tell a story. They can provide information, tell stories, inspire people and bring to light the truth. Photography has become a dignified and recognized profession today. More and more people are taking up this creative and artistic means of profession today. It is a