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We are Singapore is a Non-profit organization in Singapore that aims to promote the people, culture, businesses and overall, the welfare of our beautiful nation. The organization is run by citizens, activists and volunteers, with some financial and administrative support from the National Tourism Board (NTB) and the Ministry of culture, community and youth affairs (MCCY).

We have been inspired by our founder and father of the nation Lee Kuan Yew. We admire his work in single handedly transforming Singapore from a third world to a first world nation in the span of less than 40 years. We aim to keep up the growth story of Singapore that has inspired millions around the globe. We aim to empower the youth of this nation and to share their stories to the rest of the nation and the world.

We organize events related to culture, employment, food, education and technology that both helps people to learn more about their nation and helps them to establish businesses. We are specifically focused on SMEs, which we believe are the building blocks of the economy. We also have a lot of foreigners and expats living in Singapore, who attend our evens to learn more about the nation.